What is Restylane® Silk?

As we grow older, our skin thins, losing volume and definition particularly around the mouth due to decreased production of natural hyaluronic acid (HA). Restylane® Silk is specially and beautifully formulated to help regain that HA to add youthful volume and definition for a fresher and smoother look. Restylane® Silk is a safe filler and is FDA approved for treatment of the lips and the area surrounding the mouth. The result after treatment is fuller, sexier, and perfectly symmetrical. 98% of people say they saw improved lip fullness just 14 days after injection and 76% say they could still see their beautiful result after 6 months*.

How is Restylane®  Silk different?

Silk uses smaller, smoother particles of hyaluronic acid (HA) than the any other Restylane®  products, offering the smoothest and most delicate results. Restylane® Silk is also ideally formulated for defining the cupids bow, which flattens as the lips losses mass over time. Restylane® Silk is the first FDA-approved product specifically designed for lip augmentation and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth in patients 21 years of age and older.


Results on 55 year old patient. 1.5 mL to the lips, 0.8 mL perioral area.

Results on 61 year old patient: 0.5mL to the lips,  0.5 mL to the perioral area.

Results on 25 year old patient. 2 mL to the lips.

43 years old patient treated with 1.5 mL Restylane® Silk to the lips and .02 mL Restylane® Silk to the perioral lines. Results after 1 week.

60 year old patient treated with 2 mL Restylane® Silk to the lips and 1.7mL Restylane® Silk to the perioral lines. Results after 1 week.

Find out why real women think Restylane Silk is someting to smile about.

The face and especially the lips are sensitive areas, at Ingrid Trenkle, MD we offer a specially formulated topical numbing cream to help minimize any discomfort during the treatment. If you would like have this numbing, please come in 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will allow us time to apply and time for the topical cream to have a maximized effect. When you sign in, please let us know you would like to have the numbing cream applied. 

We offer this topical numbing cream for many of our cosmetic treatments, please let us know if you have any concerns or are interested in having topical numbing for your next appointment. Your comfort is of a top priority to us.

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