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I had been suffering with a difficult to diagnose skin condition and Dr. Trenkle cracked the case. I had seen two medical professionals about it before Dr. Trenkle and neither made the issue better, in fact, it got worse. After my appointment with her I was well on my way to recovery and what could’ve ended up chronic did not.
— Jereme H., Redlands 2014
I love Dr Trenkle and her friendly staff! She is an expert in cosmetic procedures, a genus at solving my acne inquires and helpful in preventing early stage skin cancers. They are always up to date on the latest treatments and she is always very gentle. I could not imagine going anywhere else.
— Lauren P., Redlands
I used to have really bad acne, I mean serious pizza face. If you met me now, you couldn’t tell at all, but this is all because of Ingrid Trenkle.

One of the best physicians that I have ever had the honor to meet. She takes her time, she’s extremely thorough, covering all bases and possibilities without blind assumption, what more could you ask for in a medical doctor?

Although, she is very busy with a huge caseload, and it might take a little while to get to see her, it’s worth the wait, a busy doctor (who runs a private practice) is a good sign that she’s a great doctor.

Her intelligence and intuition leaves no room for error, I love Dr. Trenkle!
— Via "Yelp!" Review
The U.S. military doesn’t do pin pricks
— Barry O., Washington DC
If you need a mole removed, this is the place to go! So painless & smooth. They also offer botox and other fun stuff to keep you classy!
— Dilane E., Calimesa
The staff is very nice and Dr. Trenkle takes the time to hear me out. They have a variety of different treatment options for acne and other skin issues. I have been going in for the cool touch laser treatment for acne, and it has been working very well for me but is pretty uncomfortable even with the numbing cream. Maybe I am a wuss when it comes to pain. Anywho, I would highly recommend this place
— HK, San Ramone